The signs of a failing state


Countries are living organisms. And like any living organism, they can die. But before death, they usually show signs of illness.

The 5 signs of a failing state

Sign #1 - Tearing the society

In order to turn a country, into a failing one—they first have to tear the society. People start to fight among themselves. Left blames the right. Men hate on women. Black on white. And gay on straight.

All this done on purpose. To distract you from fighting the real oppressor—the government.

Sign #2 - Oppressing the society

While the common folk are busy fighting each other, the oppressor passes oppressive laws. More surveillance. Less freedom. Taking rights. Limiting speech. Preventing mobility.

Sign #3 - Failure of bureaucracy

And while the society is oppressed, bureaucratic functions start to fail. You can’t renew a passport. You’re unable to open bank account. Your money is tightly controlled.

Sign #4 - Becoming a police state

Petty crime is on the rise, and police can’t handle it anymore. Day-light robberies. On-street violence.

Police no longer handles this. Why would they? They are busy oppressing.

Sign #5 - Total collapse

If nothing happens, the country fails. It’s totally collapsing, leading to a potential civil-war.

The collapse of the western world

If you look closely, you will see that a lot of the western countries—are showing one of these 5 signs. Countries, that 10 years ago used to be beautiful and safe, are now in a state of chaos. And they all follow the same path through these 5 signs.

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