Apple watch—a curse or a blessing?


From my observations, the pandemic has been one of the best times for Apple as a company. Everyone around me switched to Apple. I also did the switch and got myself an iPhone and Apple Watch.

The functionality that Apple Watch provides, is enormous. For starters, I never missed a meeting with the Apple Watch. A glance at the time, would also provide me with my next meeting. Apart from that, the ability to RSVP to meetings, approve two-factor authentications, and monitor my heart rate - were very comfortable additions.

However, as time passed, I lost enthusiasm toward Apple Watch. Instead of a productivity tool, I started to feel like it’s an electronic handcuff. I’d wear it first thing in the morning, and it was the last thing in the evening I’d remove from my body before sleeping. The constant buzzing and vibrations, also drove me nuts.

And so, when I quit my job, the first thing I did - was to stop wearing Apple Watch. I no longer have meetings that I can miss, and honestly, everything else I can do on my phone anyway.

Today, after few days that it was lying around, I powered it off, and tucked away in one of my electronics organizer bags. And I really don’t know what to do with it anymore.