Release Ratio


You know that feeling when you finish yet another self-development book, and all excited about your “new you”, but as days pass, nothing happens? Or worse, you get fatigued?

I might have an answer for you. And no, it’s not a course, or a masterclass. Just sharing wisdom.

A while back ago, I read an interesting blog post. The author was talking about the ratio of consumption and creation.

Imagine that your brain is a bucket. And every time you consume, this bucket fills up. And when you consume too much, like a real bucket, it will explode or overflow.

Consumption is mostly passive: reading books/articles/newsletters, watching YouTube/reels, listening to podcasts, attending self-help seminars, etc.

And the only way to empty the bucket, is through a release valve called “creation”.

Creation is active: writing a blog post, building a software, speaking at conferences, teaching, journaling, etc.

Consumption is useless, unless you do some creation with it.

Here is the blog post I was talking about